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Desperados Original

Desperados is the world’s first Tequila Flavoured Beer. Unique combination of gold coloured, full bodied lager beer with a kick of Tequila flavour to achieve a fine balanced premium beer with distinct accessible taste, light bitterness and refreshing citric notes

Hotel Revelation

Welcome to Hotel Revelation. Please, check in and make yourself at home. But be warned, you’ll soon see this is no ordinary hotel. Indeed, you may find our take on hospitality to be tantalising, spine chilling, but always sensational.

Behind every door is a story, so come with us on a journey into the bizarre, the beautiful, the dangerous and the damned. You’ll just have to see what your key unlocks.

Endless Night Party

Prepare to be transported to a timeless reality where anything is possible. This is a party with no set-list, no breaks, no last orders. And just when you think it might all be winding down, the sun will rise and set again.

Lose yourself in sensory seduction, step into one world and emerge from another, and remember, nothing is as it may seem. So let your party instinct run wild into the night.

Here’s to a relaxed weekend with friends and a Desperados. http://t.co/r2Z4DeD2CJ

Friends stick together. Roll on. #PartyInstinct http://t.co/SxBMfFnhhZ

Heart shaped bubbles, tequila flavoured beer. Happy Valentines! http://t.co/YS0JJiFTk1

Less drink, more music. Enjoy the party. http://t.co/9aX9YfCbq8

Less drink, more music. Enjoy the party. http://t.co/GfM3cdGYpQ

The cold never stopped us. #PartyInstinct http://t.co/SYyzjWKIBn

May your New Year be filled with celebrations all round. #PartyInstinct http://t.co/beN4DPw3Mp


'nuff said #PartyInstinct

A belly full of turkey and a cold one of these. http://t.co/JWJeYZB0KY

A belly full of turkey and a cold one of these.

The Christmas spirit is strong this year. http://t.co/RF786DJSO9

The Christmas spirit is strong this year.

Everyone loves a Christmas party. #XmasPartyInstinct http://t.co/7sdyiz2SH6

Everyone loves a Christmas party. #XmasPartyInstinct


1 week and counting. Where will you spend it? #PartyInstinct

1 week and counting. Where will you spend it? #PartyInstinct http://t.co/wVcpzxvdzf


Time to let your hair down. #PartyInstinct

Time to let your hair down. #PartyInstinct http://t.co/OytXHvA9Hy

Office party drink dilemma? Choose Desperados. #PartyInstinct http://t.co/s9B9EPrXpo


Office party drink dilemma? Choose Desperados. #PartyInstinct

parties, #Partyinstinct

Parties On a Boat That Prove That Partying On Land Is Lame

You know what’s overrated? Partying on land. Boats were created about 50,000 years ago and experienced hedonists have been using them as party-vessels ever since. Take a look at pirates, for example, the people on Titanic, or the swathes of university students that head to Dimensions and Outlook each year. They’ve all partied on a boat. With that in mind, and partnered with Desperados #PartyInstinct, here are some of the best boat parties in the world:


Most people know Amsterdam as the place they visited to smoke weed during A-Levels. But, and anyone who has been will be able to testify, the city is perforated; built on canals which are perfect for boat parties. This is ideal – mostly because the Dutch love partying on boats but also because you can sail around the entire city without ever setting foot on land. Perhaps the best time to jump on a boat in ‘Dam is during Gay Pride – everyone dresses up in extravagant costumes and has a massive piss-up for 24 hours. 


Two things that shouldn’t go together are heavy metal and cruise ships, yet for some reason they work like peas and carrots. The Full Metal Cruise takes place for five days each year and is full of all the screeching guitars, long hair, sweat, and band t-shirts that you could ever want. There’s also a bunch of lectures, activities like karaoke, and comedy shows – also metal themed, of course. 


The MS Stubnitz, which sits at eighty-metres long, is a seafaring headquarters for the best boat parties on earth. Currently moored in Hamburg – having already been placed in London, Amsterdam, and eleven other cities – the ship plays host to everything from ear-blistering techno raves to African folk music.


This may not be the most accessible party on the list – but, obviously, it will be the best. For a start Diddy/Daddy’s boat is going to be full of A-listers, unlimited high-end spirits, and the loudest speakers you’ve ever heard. But it’s also the perfect opportunity to live out every yacht-rap dream that you’ve been hoping for ever since watching Rick Ross in “Straight Off the Boat”.

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