Join us on our mission to party better, party different. Step up and share your epic moments with #PartyInstinct.

Desperados Original

Desperados is the world’s first Tequila Flavoured Beer. Unique combination of gold coloured, full bodied lager beer with a kick of Tequila flavour to achieve a fine balanced premium beer with distinct accessible taste, light bitterness and refreshing citric notes

Endless Night Party

Prepare to be transported to a timeless reality where anything is possible. This is a party with no set-list, no breaks, no last orders. And just when you think it might all be winding down, the sun will rise and set again.

Lose yourself in sensory seduction, step into one world and emerge from another, and remember, nothing is as it may seem. So let your party instinct run wild into the night.

London, 17th October
Next Level

Get ready for a night of sublime exploration. Throughout the party, a space is waiting to be discovered, but it’s up to you to unlock the next level.

Three floors, endless stories. Don’t get distracted playing in the shadows; find your way up to take the party higher..

Hotel Revelation

Welcome to Hotel Revelation. Please, check in and make yourself at home. But be warned, you’ll soon see this is no ordinary hotel. Indeed, you may find our take on hospitality to be tantalising, spine chilling, but always sensational.

Behind every door is a story, so come with us on a journey into the bizarre, the beautiful, the dangerous and the damned. You’ll just have to see what your key unlocks.


Start Saturday night on a high with this EXCLUSIVE mix from Stanton Warriors http://bit.ly/1nz59Og #PartyInstinct

Desperados Next Level Party - London, October 2014

EXCLUSIVE Stanton Warriors MIX - http://bit.ly/1nz59Og. Best heard with a bottle of Desperados.


Thanks to those that partied with us last night. Stay tuned for an EXCLUSIVE MIX from Stanton Warriors! #PartyInstinct


You had the tunes, we had the time to put them together into a #PartyInstinct playlist. Press play and take your Friday night to the Next Level http://spoti.fi/1Dielud

EXCLUSIVE MIX by Oxide and Neutrino for Desperados http://bit.ly/1reouj7. See them live at our Next Level party this Friday. Don't miss out http://bit.ly/1CRELCV

GET TICKETS - Mike Skinner & Guests present Stanton Warriors, Oxide & Neutrino, Preditah http://bit.ly/1CRELCV

GET TICKETS - Mike Skinner & Guests present Stanton Warriors, Oxide & Neutrino, Preditah http://bit.ly/1CRELCV

We catch up with Mike Skinner as he announces which lucky winner will be supporting him as a DJ at our NEXT LEVEL party on October 17th. Final tickets available here: http://bit.ly/1CRELCV

GET TICKETS - Mike Skinner & Guests present Stanton Warriors, Oxide & Neutrino, Preditah http://bit.ly/1CRELCV


Congrats Alex Ams - you and a mate get tickets to our Next Level Party on 17th Oct. That looks like one hell of an unusual party but we're confident ours will measure up! General tickets on sale here: http://bit.ly/1CRELCV #PartyInstinct

Belfast! Are you ready to #RAIDTHEJAIL and party with Krystal Klear at Crumlin Jail on October 9th? We have 10 x Tickets to giveaway for you and a friend! Simply comment below and tag the mate you’d bring with you!


Have a look at our event page http://on.fb.me/1r26VCp and check out the TOP 5 mixes in the competition to be Mike Skinner’s supporting DJ. All are guaranteed to spark your #PartyInstinct, but which one’s your favourite?


If you’ve got #PartyInstinct, you’re up for a party anywhere. So for a chance to win tickets to our NEXT LEVEL PARTY, share a photo in the comments of you partying somewhere different. But first – boost your chances of winning by checking out the rules: http://on.fb.me/1r26VCp

We’ve got FREE tickets to Running Wild London Summer Closing Party at The Prince of Wales 16th August. TAG your mates in the comments box to WIN. Event details here http://bit.ly/1uCZ8mK.

If you find yourself holding two bottles of Desperados, who would you share one with?

Love is in the air this summer, that’s why we are giving you lovely fans FREE tickets to Love Fever Day Night Party at Oval Space see the likes of POINT G and Fantastic Man on Saturday 9th August. TAG your mates in the comments box and you could be there… Event details here http://on.fb.me/1rNRG3H

We have FREE TICKETS to giveaway to THE BEST SUMMER PARTY by London Warehouse Events at Tobacco Dock on Saturday 9th August with Groove Armada and @Leefoss!! TAG your mate in the comments to WIN. Here is a HOT MIX from Groove Armada to get you excited!! http://bit.ly/1nf3Emm. Event details here: http://on.fb.me/1nwH046

Get yourself some FREE tickets to Selective Hearing Mcr. at Wire on Friday 25th July. All you have to do is TAG your mate and you both could be attending the coolest party in Leeds. Here’s a lil mix to get you pumped http://bit.ly/1oEmzDv. Event details here: http://on.fb.me/1nym2GV

Who are you taking with you into the party lights this weekend?

Nothing says ‘IT’S FRIDAY’ like opening that first bottle of Desperados. Who will you share it with?

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